Iceland - Shutter Speed Photography by Chico


Dear Friends,

Hope to find you all well.

I have been away 7 months from the site. Why? I was waiting and waiting and waiting to finalize SEQUENZA CONTINUA, my real first full size photographic book.

It is finally happening. You will find a folder with all layout just here, on this site.

It has been on and off all the time, as is a very big project, financially and also regarding the pictures shown, because it is a tribute of my 30 years of photography, and for that I did not choose all my best pictures, but the ones more significant at the time, or a special meaning, in a sort of chronological order  ( except panoramic popiing up every 16 other pictures) kind of telling a story of my photographic evolution without a text. The book is only photos. 122 pictures. Not many books has got so many pictures. I am proud of that. But again, it was very difficult to choose from 250000 of the over 1 million pictures available, the ones I catalogue as first choice only.

All pcitures have my charateristic....strong color, strong contrats and composition. 

Hopefully this would be the start for something I will make every year or every two years, with text, stories, and perhaps some books really towrds a topic. So I hope you enjoy the view and in the next few days the book can be pre-ordered on this pages . Printed in Quadrichromie, best quality, it will be out around November in order to be shipped by Christmas.

Updates will now follow regurarly, with a big upload of pictures next week.

Salute to you all